Welcome to the webhome of LeftRight Creative Group.
We 'graphic design' stuff. Pretty well, actually.

Successful design is a result of good process. We come up with our ideas through deliberate practice and intense brainstorming sessions, sometimes involving serious outbursts of rage, followed by listless periods of calm. Just kidding. Seriously though, we're inspired individuals, and we hone our inspiration by implementing methodical and consistent process. We aim to uncover something truly powerful in all the projects we take on. Here's how we work:

1. Connect

We listen. We talk. We understand. Exceptional projects require open communication and a real understanding of both what you're trying to communicate and who you want to reach. We work with you to identify the problems of your project and create their solutions. We're in this together, and shared interests are what turn a project from ordinary to extraordinary. We love what we do, and we want to love you, too.

2. Concept

We begin to see light on the horizon. Practical ideas for solutions come into view as we work towards conceptual design. This is where the real thinking starts—and when great minds get together, great things start to happen. The creative process is what keeps us going, and the concept is where an idea starts to snowball into something we can put our hands on.

3. Create

Concepts come to life, and it's during this step that we start seeing solutions. This is where we present solid ideas, visuals and design, and then work with you to refine them. As we move from concept to reality, we guarantee the accurate translation of our collaborative efforts. Project details are specified, documented and delivered — sometimes on a silver platter.

4. Congratulate

After we’ve made sure your project goals are met, we provide the support needed to keep you on top. We work with you to make necessary project modifications and provide solutions to help your business continue to grow. We deliver successful results and lots of meaningful high-fives. It’s how we do.